Xmas (part 1)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

I am no collector of Christmas music. But there sure is a lot of it! Even by just simply accumulating all the Christmas music that happens to cross my path, I must have enough to play it for months on end.
I have made many Christmas compilations over the years, but never a good one. For about ten years, and usually around this date, when it is already way too late, I remember that I want to make a Black Christmas compilation. I have at least about fifteen songs in which Santa is a black man, or where Christmas is in some other way black in stead of white.
But again, like the previous nine years, this project will have to wait another year.
Among the many musical Christmas surprises that reached me this year so far, is this YouTube video in which Amy Winehouse sings a Christmas song. It is not among her best work, but I still collect every word she mumbles, and this caught my attention

And here are The Stridells, who might be on next year’s Black Christmas compilation: