Wednesday, 30 December 2009

This is one of Erich Muhsam’s most famous poems, set to music by a band named ” Dreyheit”:

And here is the text without music:

“Jeden Abend werfe ich
eine Zukunft hinter mich,
die sich niemals mehr erhebt -
denn sie hat im Geist gelebt.
Neue Bilder werden, wachsen;
Welten drehn um neue Achsen,
werden, sterben, lieben, schaffen.
Die Vergangenheiten klaffen. —
Tobend, wirbelnd stürzt die Zeit
in die Gruft. — Das Leben schreit!”

The insight that I wrote about yesterday deserves a better explanation, but right now I am still trying to grasp it. The consequences, if it is true, are rather mind blowing. And because I think it is true, I have some serious difficulties getting my head around this idea. That is why I keep on forgetting it, of course.
That I cannot do anything for a man like Erich Muhsam, is something that I have to accept anyway. Erich Muhsam and I are separated by Time: he died before I was even born. But how about my children and friends, and all the people that live in the same time as I do? This idea means that we are all separated too, in the same way that Erich Muhsam and I are separated, because ”Space” is in essence not different from ??”Time”. All I can do is live my own life in the best way I can imagine. I cannot and should not interfere with the life of anybody else. And, the hardest part for me to accept, everything that happens to anybody, is something that is their own business. At least it is not my business. If there is a God, it may also be Her business, but not mine.

This idea in itself is not true by definition, of course. The Truth cannot be said in words. But for me this idea is what seems to prevent me from getting closer to the truth whatever it is. In the Buddhist model this is called an obstacle. Here is a song in which is the viewpoint is described of a person who has just overcome a major obstacle. I choose the Ray Charles version, to make it clearer that this is about an INsight: