Saturday, 12 December 2009

I am still working on the ”Magies sentrum” project. But I am in no hurry; there are many obstacles that have to be overcome if this project will ever condense into a booklet & CD.
Tonight I made drawings of some people who played a role in Magic Mokum scene of the sixties. Bart Hughes:

Robert Jasper Grootveld, the ”anti-rookmagier”:

Wally Tax:

And of course Simon Vinkenoog:

There were several people in the Amsterdam hippie scene of the sixties that I only know from one picture. Like a guy called Edward 66, who supposedly gave people the exact instructions to create explosives:

And a man named ”Gekke Gerrit” aka ”Gerrit de danser”, whose real name was Gerrit Lakmaaker:

”De grote alleenling” probably was not in the magic mokum scene, but he sure was a man who lived his ideals:

Dolf Hell lend me a one sided flexi record that was made in Amsterdam in 1969:

It is a recording by Adele Bloemendaal. She was not part of the hippie/provo scene, but this record is rare enough to play it for you on this occasion: