PoKra 54

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Does it make any difference to the universe if I wish you a good or a bad year? This is a question that arises whenever I wish anybody a good year. It seems to me that wishes are to Life what a comment is to a YouTube video. But I don’t know for sure. There are people who think that words have a magical quality, and words work as source codes for reality. Fascinating, but not the kind of thoughts that help you through the kind of conversations that have to be held at times like these.
But let it be sure that I do wish you a very good new year!
I am still trying to organise my working place. I have a pile of stuff that should have been in this blog, but that for different reasons didn’t make it. Since there is only one day left in this year, I can only choose one thing from the pile of stuff, and I choose this:

Piet Schreuders has been mentioned quite a few times in this blog, but it can never been said enough that his work is an important source of inspiration for me. When the new PoezenKrant arrived, I again realised that it was Furore, one of the early magazines that Piet made, that started it all for me. I clearly remember how that magazine opened up my eyes. I dreamed of a life that nobody in my direct circle lived or even had a clue of, and Furore was a kind of bridge to that Life.
Hm, I should explain this better, but I don’t have the time right now.
Here are three random pages of PoKra 54:

You can find more work of Piet Schreuders here.

And this is a drawing that I made of a picture that Piet used on Facebook:

And finally, here is one of the many songs that didn’t make this blog this year. It is from one of the two LP’s that Randell made, a Dutch musician/poet that will sure show up in this blog next year.




2010-01-01 13:17:15

Have an inspiring 2010, may all your ‘comments’ come true!


2010-01-02 07:44:37

Ah, Furore/PK/Schreuders… Div. van zijn publikaties heb ik met me mee genomen. Heerlijk dat het nog steeds (of: weer?) verschijnt! Dank voor de Piet @ Flickr tip.