Friday, 1 January 2010

Rob Lesman wrote that the text for a t-shirt text that I made last year should not be ”passion pays off”, but ”Love pays off”. So I thought I start this new year with some right words:

Although this blog is not exactly the most popular blog on the Net, I do get many nice and helpful comments. I do not always react upon them in this blog, because I prefer to write about new things and because there is not enough time for that anyway. I wish there was!
Here is a video by a man called Salty Holmes, that Dolf Hell made me see:

Salty Holmes also is the man behind the ”talking harmonica” record that I mentioned earlier. Not a talking guitar, as i mentioned, but an harmonica. Nevertheless, here is it:

Before Dolf told me about him, I had never heard about Salty Holmes. That again makes me wonder how many more of this stuff is beyond my knowledge. Is it twice as much as I already know? Or more? Ten years ago I realy thought that I had heard about everything, or at least the best of everything. But last year I was again happy to be overloaded with old music that I had never heard of and that was surprisingly good. Or strange.
Roland Vonk gave me a copy of a CD with the complete works of Johnny Rebel.

Johnny Rebel is an openly racist singer, whose lyrics are among the most explicit in this genre. Luckily most songs in this genre are not very well written. That makes it easy to ignore them. The problem with the songs of Johnny Rebel is that they are good. So the dilemma is: do really want to listen to Ku Klux Clan propaganda? I have listened to the CD once so far and I don’t know what to think of this dilemma. Twenty years ago I did away some of my rap LP’s because I didn’t want to listen to people that propagate violence without any sense of humour that I could recognise. I never regretted that. But what to do with Johnny Rebel?
There is only one of his songs on YouTube, and that is of course not a very racist song. It is not much of a song either, but it still gives you a taste of what is on the CD:



2010-01-02 07:24:37

Confederate/rebel flags are (indeed) a fairly common sight here in Tennessee/The South; they’re most popular with them folks referred to as Rednecks, Clansmen, and garden variety rebels. (Heck, some ‘antiques’ stores here ‘even’ sell vintage nazi memorabilia!)
Then again, appearantly gay magazines advertise our city as “a wonderful place to live.” Then again, it is also where some years ago, Rob Zombie was banned from playing. Then again, right around the corner from us is an ultra-eclectic, alternative hot-spot called the Acoustic Coffee House. (NOT to be confused with a Dutch Coffee SHOP!) Then again, this is also ‘Little Chicago”, with an old Al Capone hide-out around another corner from us. Then again, we aren’t that far from Dollywood -not to mention Miss Parton herself! Then again, we can’t buy booze here on Sundays before noon… Then again, no excessive swearing, no porn, no sidewalks full of dog poo. And the employees bag our groceries for us at the grocery store. Then again… And again. And agai…

Rob, continued...

2010-01-02 07:25:55

…n… (Sorry Frits, didn’t mean to take over your wonderful blog!)

2O1O BL!SS!NGS @ y’all,


2010-01-02 13:43:52

I don’t mind your writings AT ALL, Rob, at the contrary. Blissings to you too!


2010-01-04 17:07:35

This is no dilemma for me, because there are YEARS of fine music on the internet !
Absolutely no need to listen to stupid racist shit. On top of that: I think you have already decided what to do: Listen to crap OR creating slogans like “ONLY LOVE PAYS OFF” !
Cheers, Joey

John Cooter Jones

2010-12-06 16:05:40