Beat jazz

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Long time ago I wrote about one of my all time favourite compilations, an LP called “Beat Jazz” and/or “Pictures from the gone world”. It is difficult to explain what is so good about this LP, released on the mysterious ”Pesky serpent Records” label.
There are several Beat Jazz compilations going around, and I have not heard a bad one yet, but this LP is so much better than the rest, that I still don’t understand how it is done. The people who did this have an exceptional taste, and an exquisite record collection too, of course.
Last week Fake Booij surprised me with a CDr of part 2 of ”Beat Jazz”. I had no idea that there was a part 2, and I rather have the LP, but I am very happy with this CD.

Fake Booij also sent me a CDr with music that is in the same category. But he wrote that he wasn’t satisfied with the result, because it doesn’t come close to the original two Beat Jazz compilations. Having not much better to do, I spend an evening trying to compile a CD with Beat Jazz myself. Of course, tracks that are already used on other compilations are not permitted, but there is more than enough material left. But I couldn’t do it. No matter what I tried, my compilation had a completely different atmosphere than the Beat Jazz LP’s. I am not giving up so easy, I will try again one of these days.

I proposed a Compilation Competition some days ago. Maybe ”Beat Jazz” is a good theme to start the first round.
I have no idea how this should be organised. If anybody has suggestions, please let me know.
Here is a track that will be on my compilation, even though is it is certainly not exactly hardcore cool beatnik jazz: Redd Foxx with ”Living in a crazy house”.




2010-07-17 15:43:18

Great Blog!
I also like the first Beat Jazz compilation, do you know where i can find the part 2? I really want to listen to it.


2010-10-15 22:49:34

Hello Aristofanes. A bit late, but if you still haven’t founs Beat Jazz 2, i can sent you a copy.