Thursday, 7 January 2010

The boxes with all my comic books are almost sorted out. They have been stored in a shop for many years, but there was water damage, so I had to try and save what can be saved.
Some books cannot even be opened anymore, so that is an easy decision. But there are still a lot of books that I don’t know what to do with. I will sell the books that are worth it, give away the books that are not worth selling (most has already been given away in the past few months), and try to find some space in our home for the books that I want to keep.
When I think of all the comic books that I have done away in my lifetime, it is ridiculous. It must be more than ten thousand books. And an equal amount of magazines. What is now left over, is not what I would have saved if I could decide again right now. And many series are incomplete, because I lent a lot of books and never asked them back.
I think that basically I will only keep the books made by close friends and a few dozen of books that I might reread one day: Pratt, Tardi, Schuiten-Peters, Blake& Mortimer, Agent 327, etcetera. But I have never re-read any comic in the past fifteen years, so I think it is time to get rid of most of the books.
Some books are worth quite some money, so before I sell them I will check that. That is worth the effort; we can pay our summer vacation from these books!
Today I have sorted out the issues of Zone 5330. They were for the large part in boxes that didn’t drown. It is almost a complete collection, because I kept double copies of most issues. To my luck the two test-zines are still in good condition:

I have put all the double issues in a box. It are mainly pre-2002 issues. If anybody is interested in them, just pay me the postage and I will send them to you.

This offer will last only a week or so; after that I will bring the box to the charity shop. This sounds as a treath, but it is more a desperate attempt to create a bit of space to live in our house!

I still haven’t done a serious effort to catalogue my collection of comic book related records. The main reason is that it usually not very interesting stuff to listen to. Take for example this flexi disc that Marvel released in 1967:

It looks far better than it actually sounds, as is the case with most comic book related music. Still, I will try to share with you what I have this year. Here are the two Marvel songs to start with:





2010-01-08 19:16:01

“Some books cannot even be opened anymore”

Make them wet again (or hold ‘em above steam)?