Saturday, 9 January 2010

Among the 45’s that Milan Hulsing sent me last year are two advertisement records for a device that is called the Stylophone.

The Stylophone is a musical instrument in the keyboard category, but very simple. And very old! There are several videos on YouTube that demonstrate the Stylophone. Here is one:

To my surprise is saw last month that Stylophone are still, or again, being sold at gift shops. They cost about 25 euro. I prefer listening to music to making it myself, even if it can be done with a pen.
Here is, from one of Milan’s records, Rolf Harris, who exlains all you need to know about the Stylophone, and more:

(Side A)

(Side B)

The guy in the video, Bratt Domino, posted several videos on YouTube with him playing the Stylophone. Those videos didn’t go unnoticed and he was invited to play on a party for some British internet hot shots. Of course he made a documentary of that event.



2010-01-10 11:12:40

Amazing. I understood from the guys explanation that the thing was small and a pen was involved but, being dense, it didn’t register with me. It’s an amazing machine.

Not sure if I like that Brett Domino character that much though ha ha.

Bas Trimbach

2010-01-11 10:27:43

Ik heb van Stylophone een ander engelstalig plaatje en ook nog een duitstalige single voor de Duitse markt. Ze hebben allebei een onbedrukt papieren hoesje. Zouden er geen gedrukte hoesje bij gezeten hebben?