Friday, 15 January 2010

Arjen, my wabmester, gave me a DVD with the movie Zeitgeist.

It is a fascinating documentary. I don’t know what to think of all the conspiracy theories. That is why I hardly mention in this blog. But I do read a lot on conspiracy theories.
”Zeitgeist” is not really much of a conspiracy theory movie, but it is about many of the same subjects. The part, in which the mechanics of money are explained, is especially worth watching.
In the movie is also touched upon the idea that the myth of Jesus Christ is based upon a description of the movement of the star Sirius. Sirius is born, dies and resurrects according to a scheme that fits the life of Jesus too exact to be mere coincidence. Even the three kings and twelve disciples that correlate with stars in the same part of heaven (from our viewpoint) as Sirius.
I like the idea that many, if not all ancient myths are descriptions of the movements of stars and planets. In our modern culture we are completely out of touch with the heavens. But in ancient times the nightly heavens were like television. There are many books written about the idea that myths are maps of celestial movements. I have only read a few, because it is most often hard fun reading these books. But I will try to come back to this subject later; this short story doesn’t do justice to the subject. And I wouldn’t mind receiving some tips on books, site and videos on these this matter.

Here are drawings that I made of some of the many Jesuses that people have depicted.

The movie Zeitgeist can be seen online, but i noticed that there several quite different versions. I saw two, which were very different, but both worth watching.



2010-01-15 16:42:24

I ❤ Jesuses!