Friday, 8 January 2010

It seems that making compilations was more interesting and attractive when there was less music available. I remember the excitement while working on my first compilation tapes. Because this to be done with cassette decks, it had to be planned carefully, the sound quality was usually pretty lousy, and all the music had to come from vinyl and tapes. Making a C90 could be a few days work.
I don’t have to describe how easy this has become nowadays. But still I don’t understand why only so very little people enjoy making compilations. If there is one way to enjoy your own music collection, making compilations for others is it.
Jan sent me a link to a very nice space compilation, made by the man behind the ”At the mountains of madness” blog. It is called ”Space cadet’s wet dream” and you can find it here. You have to scroll a few inches and then click on the illustration.
I wouldn’t mind being in a small group of mind like music lovers, who make a monthly compilation for each other on a carefully selected theme. Maybe it could be made in a friendly competition. There are so many great themes that are still hardly touched upon as far I know. Magnetism, underworlds, mad scientists, reality revisited, loops, sub atomic particles, chain saws, singing animals, organ demonstration records, etcetera, etcetera. Anybody in for a compitition?