Sunday, 3 January 2010

Our son delivers newspapers in our neighbourhood. Apart from some money he also gets ??”points”?, with which he can buy all kind of things from a catalogue. For my birthday he bought me this mp3-player:

The thing can store 1 gigabyte. That are over 300 songs! So I now have to think of a plan to use the thing. At the moment I have to travel a lot by train to visit my father, so I probably fill the player with podcasts and interviews.
To my surprise there was one song on the device, called “fast dance”. Well, it is more a sound bite:

Most digital devices have already some data on them when you buy them. On my computers were several songs and photo’s when I plugged them in. As a collector I save all this stuff, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any of it right now. All i could find is this photo, that was on my computer in the map “mijn afbeeldingen”:

I wonder if there are any sites dedicated to this stuff. There is something eerie about it. On a camera were two photo’s of little children; who on earth chooses this stuff? And on what criteria? And how about copyright? Can I make a CD with all the free songs that are found on mp3-players? Is there such a CD, by the way?
I remember that when I bought my first portable cassette recorder, in 1974, I got a 10 minute cassette with it on which also was some music. I remember only that it was Japanese pop music. I used the tape to put some other music on it. Stupid!
If anybody has some information on this kind of music-that-you-get-when-you-buy-hardware, I would be glad to hear it.
Here is a song that is probably only on YouTube;

And here is another song in this genre:

I love this stuff and wish I knew how to get more of it. But it is difficult to find something if you don’t know what you are looking for.



2012-11-02 04:22:39

On my old mp3 player it came with this odd video: