Sunday, 24 January 2010

About two years ago I was at a party where the deejay played some modern Bollywood dance tracks that I enjoyed dancing to very much. I tried to find out what this music was, but so far without success. It was some form of hiphop, but with that typical Bollywood touch that is hard to describe.
On YouTube I hear many modern Bollywood songs that are okay to listen to once, but usually it is too soft for my taste.
Last week I got an LP from a woman whose house I have painted, which she asked me to make a CD of, so that her children could listen to it:

I am spoiled by the Bollywood stuff that Milan has taped for me and by the compilation CD’s that he and Edo released. These soundtrack songs are way too soft for me. I like the weird combinations of instruments and some of the instrumental parts are okay, but the melodies and the squirrel vocals make it hard to enjoy this stuff. I made the CD…

..but in stead of sharing a track from this LP with you, I choose this YouTube video that sounds a little bit like what i would love to have a whole Cd of. But only a little bit: