Rotring variant & Yumo

Tuesday, 5 January 2010



2010-01-08 19:33:42

Ah, yeah, many fond memories of these Rotrings, Frits! Great that you are still using them.
I first started using them as a kid (8 or 9 years old?), for the comics I made.
Then later on, they were perfect for the graphic design work I did.

I was lucky [still am ;)], as I got the pens for free from my dad, who in turn got them from some (what must have been) compulsive folks that kept buying new Variants, even though they ‘old’ ones were still perfectly fine to use…


2010-06-30 08:21:26

Yeah, I am with you on this!
Got my first Variant(0,4) at the age of 13 because my drawing teacher used a 0,6.
Couple of years back I discovered an old shop stock in Gent. Bought some stuff there, but it was all still quite expensive.


2010-06-30 20:20:04

Thanks for the comment! If you want some 0.3 heads, i can send some for a fair price or some goodies. i would love to trade them for 0.4 or 0.5 heads!

Victor Secrii

2010-10-28 18:03:39

Hi everyone here… I have a brand new ORIGINAL set of Rotring Variant [a very old one, perfect quality, Original pens,instructions even original ink [5 pens in this set]…)my email “”…if somebody interested contact me for more info [photos etc]


2011-04-07 15:24:32

I started using the variant 20 years ago as a trainee draughstman. I still have my set of variants and a few spare nibs. I have yet to find a better pen and in 20 years I have tried them all.