Xmas (part 3)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I use Winamp as my mediaplayer. Not that I have a real preference, I liked my Windows mediaplayer too, but one day I suddenly had a Winamp mediaplayer. I guess I must have accidentally downloaded it when I tried it on the site of Radio 100. I remember that they adviced listeners to get a Winamp player.
This Winamp player happened to play Flac audio files. John Koenmans sends me these files sometimes and it bothered me that I could listen to them. But now I can!
A few days ago I hit a wrong button on my Winamp player and discovered that their ”song of the day” feature. Everyday you can download a song for free.

I could listen to about twenty of these songs, but I could only download one. Of course I can download a different song every day, but from what I heard I probably will not do that very often. Still, it is nice way to promote music. And the song that I downloaded is more than okay. It is ”Boogaloo Santaclaus” by J. D. McDonald:

In the information on the pages that features the Winamp songs-of-the-day, the artists are compared to an act that is better known. They say that J.D. McDonald sounds like James Brown. Might be, I should hear his whole CD, but this song reminds me more of the ledgendary T. Valentine.
To my surprise T. Vantine’s hitsong, “Lucille, are you a lesbian?”, is on YouTube!

This song was on one of the Big itch sampler LP’s. Later Norton Records tracked the man down and released a complete LP with his songs. The LP is certainly in the must-have-category, but there is not another Lucille on the album.