Saturday, 2 January 2010

In the envelop that Roland Vonk sent me recently were also scans of the alternative covers that were made for Laguestra’s “Utopia” record, released in 1959 by Telefunken. You will probably have at least seen the cover:

And to make this story complete, here is the back of the cover:

Roland got these designs from Willy Langestraat’s daughter, Nicolette. I was, and still am, pretty excited to see this:

These three alternative designs seem to have been made by Willy langestraat himself. I have seen other drawings that he has made. I wouldn’t want then on my wall, but he knew how to use a pen and scissors.
Some of the designs are clearly made by a professional and talented designer:

And finally, my personal favourite alternative design:

I think that this would make a great cover for the upcoming CD with the best and never released material that Laguestra recorded.
Here is a track that will not be on that CD. It is a song that was recorded in 1978/79 only for radio broadcast. Laguestra and an orchestra recorded 22 songs for Tros Radio, and this was one of his own compositions, called ”African beat”:




2010-01-03 12:31:32

Wow, how interesting to see this. Of course the space themed one would have been nice but in my opinion they definately used the best one.