Sofa designs

Monday, 18 January 2010

Our daughter’s school is going to move to a new building within a few months, depending on when it is finished. In the hall they have planned to place some new some sofa’s. Or couches, i don’t know what is the right word. It depends on the budget what kind of sofa’s/coughes and how many it are going to be, but it will be sofa’s that have a printed design. The company that makes these things enables you to use your own designs too, and I am asked to come up with a design for these sofa’s.
They asked me to letter the name of the building, but I thought that would be rather boring. Within a few days everybody will know the name and I don’t think it is a pleasure to read it on every sofa for the rest of the time these sofa’s will be able to survive the daily invasion of a few hundred school kids.
I made some designs that have the name of the building in them, but you can only read it if you know what the name is. That will keep the design interesting a little longer. And it also a bit more aesthetic, or at least that is my intention.
Here are some of the sketches:

Here is a great video by the rapper Stage Presents from the nerdhop band The Brooklyn Doctors. This nerd-rap started out as a joke some years ago, but some nerd-raps have actually become better than the “real” raps, and certainly more interesting.



2010-01-18 23:39:41

The’re gorgeous! Especially 1 and 2. (4 and 5 I like a lot too)


2010-01-20 00:12:45

Al met Ikeacadabra gesproken?