YouTube rockabilly

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Last week I listened a lot to rockabilly and psychobily music on YouTube. Our children hate it, not only because rockabilly doesn’t mean a thing to them, but also because the audio quality of some of my favourite songs is so bad. Even my brother, when I played him some highlights of the new compilation that I made, asked if there was something wrong with the CD-player. No problem, I don’t mind listening to all this great stuff all alone.

But in case there is anybody out there reading this who has a better taste than my family members, here are some killer rockabilly songs:

These videos might give you the impression that this kind of music is becoming mainstream, but I think this is not really the case. Somehow this is a very creative scene, where people know how to use their resources. I never liked people complaining that they haven’t enough money to do whatever they think they want to do, and you only need to spend an evening watching all the no-budget videos made by psychobilly bands to see that this complaining is bullshit.
And there is no need to make a special video anyway, I like videos shot with a cell phone just as well, if the music is worth it!