Juri Gagarin

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Milan Hulsing sent me a bunch of great stuff. Among the stuff is a DVD with at least two titles that I recognise to be documentaries:

I have not seen any of it yet, because I have not had the time. This time of the year is business as usual, meaning that it is difficult to find time to the things that I really like. Like making a cover for this DVD:

Milan also sent me some very cool 45’s. I will write about them later, but here is a made-in-the-USSr 45 about cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin:

On the back cover is some beautiful hand lettering:

I have been making some new alphabets recently. I still post a new alphabet every week (here), but they are not always that great, of course. Here are some of the better ones:

And here is the B-side of the Juri Gagarin record, with probably the same text as on the A-side, but in a Middle-Eastern language: