Music for me

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I just got the Gossip CD, “Music for men”,that I ordered online.

To my surprise the logo on the CD is the same as what I have seen in some of their videos. It is a typical punk logo: the idea is nice, but the work out is clumsy. That is perfect for a punkband, and I am happy to see that they kept their logo while they are now a pretty successful band. But I couldn’t resist re-making it for a CDr that I made for myself with some live-recordings of the band, that are only to be found on YouTube.

I heard from two people that they don’t really like my drawings, because I supposedly make the people ugly. Is that so? It is the opposite of what I have in mind: I only draw people that I respect and love in the first place, and I have no intention at all to make fun of them or making them look ugly.
It might be simply that I lack talent, but I don’t think that this is what the remarks are about. I think I put too much Frits in the drawings. If that is so, it is a rather painful problem for my career as a portrait artist.
Here is another Gossip highlight:

Beth Ditto is a great singer with much charisma, but the rest of the band is something special too. With only a drummer and a guitar player they built a sound that is amazing, both in impact and in variety. I have now seen and heard many hours of concerts and other recordings, but there was not one single recording that I didn’t like! I still wish for more!
This song was their first song I heard from The Gossip. I still get goose bumps every time I hear that intro! And what a text!



2010-01-04 16:42:59

– no, I don`t see them as ugly, though I find the real woman more beautiful than the one you pictured here… But, if you don`t mind, the colours and the “ss” of “Gossip” look very nazi to me, though I`m shure you didn`t intend that. Just my opinion, man :-) Cheers, Joey


2010-01-11 07:29:50

gebrek aan talent? Jij toch niet, hè! Trek je niets aan van wat mensen wèl of niet mooi vinden. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


2010-01-16 23:59:19

I was having a bad day. Thanks for the comments!