Beth Ditto

Monday, 7 December 2009

The Gossip has played in Amsterdam several times this year, but I didn’t know the band yet. There are some videos of these concerts on YouTube and they leave no doubt that The Gossip is a sensation. But while watching all the videos that are on YouTube of the band, I also saw a lot of other videos starring Beth Ditto. I didn’t know anything about the woman, but she turns out to be even more interesting than I already thought.
She was a guest in British comedy show called ””Friday Night Project”. This is a show that I wouldn’t want to watch in a million years; the jokes and sketches make me feel miserable in stead of laugh, which I guess was the intention. But to see miss Ditto stay standing upright among this nonsense is worth the time. She is a rare combination of talent, wit, intelligence and beauty.

The whole show can be seen on YouTube, but I prefer to share with you a musical performance of Beth Ditto and her band.


And here are two drawings that I did of Beth Ditto:

And here is one other video, in which The Gossip plays a cover of a George Michael hit, which is not on their CD’s:



2009-12-07 16:00:32

Nice drawings! Top in especially.