Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Recently Nicolette Langestraat, the daughter of Laguestra, found some alternative sleeve designs, made for the record ”Utopia”. She also found some unknown glass records. All of it is at Roland Vonk’s place now. I will show you the sleeve designs as soon as sends me them. They are very nice, and this find is again fuel for the attempt to make a book & CD of Laguestra’s music.
I tried to make some drawings of the man, from photo’s from different periods. Here they are in chronological order:

Milan Hulsing gave me a perfect copy of one of his best records, and EP with four Arabica songs:

This EP was released in 1957, so it is free of copyright. The fact that the man made this music way ahead of his time might be a great help for doing a CD compilation.
Here is one of Laguestra’s own compositions, ”Berbersong”: