Sunday, 6 December 2009

Yesterday I bought this book:

I am a fan of Annie M.G. Schmidt’s work. I think she was an extremely original and creative writer. And she was funny, especially when she rhymed.
I have a collection of her books, but this will never be complete, I am afraid. The book that I bought yesterday was published in 1968 by Arbeiders Pers and contains 396 pages with material that Annie M.G. Schmidt has written for children. The stories are illustrated by several artists, but she worked most with Fiep Westerdorp. Recently several Annie&Fiep productions have been re-published, like “Tante Patent” en “Pluis & Poezeltje”, but in this book I read quite a few things that were new for me. Here is one of the stories that I liked best:

I checked her site (here) if this story has been re-published recently (I also wanted to know if she really wrote it for KLM, as I think), but I could not find it.



2009-12-06 14:44:46

Nice story. These Fiep Westerdorp illustrations are incredibly nice. There’s more perspective in these than usual, which works great.


2009-12-07 12:41:31

verdorie Frits, waarom kom je daar de dag nà Sinterklaas mee! Had ik mooi de hele week kunnen voorlezen …. Annie MG is onze favoriete voorlees auteur, pas als je ook andere dingen voorgelezen hebt merk je hoe magistraal alles dat ze schreef loopt …