Susan Boyle

Saturday, 5 December 2009

In answer to my question what can be done (by me) about the ugly and evil things that happen in this world, Aris wrote: accept it and do your thing, make things of beauty. At first I was a bit pissed off by this answer, for I rather go out on the streets with a baseball bet, but Aris is probably right.
So, I spend my spare time trying to make portraits of the people that inspire me. They are not all good, although I do my best to come up with good drawings. But it is first of all a craft that I want to learn to master. That takes practise.
Here are some of the drawings that I did the past few days.

You should be able to recognise at least three of this persons, but I take the blame for at least two, if you can not.

This has been in many ways an bizarre year for me. Of course I mention not everything that happens in this blog, but I think it has been a remarkable year for all of us. Reading this year’s newspaper has been a weirder experience than reading fiction. I cannot remember that I have been to touched so often and so deep by news as I have been this year. And it was not all bad news. The appearance of Susan Boyle in Britain’s got talent for example was one of the most inspiring things I have seen come out of television. It seems she is doing fairly well again after the culture shock that she underwent when the media and society tried to eat her alive. That she came back at all is in itself is pretty amazing; I for sure had not expected that. Her new Cd is out now and on YouTube I saw this video. It doesn’t have the impact of her coming out, but there is enough magic in this woman to put her CD on my wish list for Christmas.