HELL have to go

Monday, 21 December 2009

I still write for the “Z”, the magazine of the Amsterdam homeless people. I mentioned the trouble I had with magazine, but after a good fight we agreed to continue.
Here are the recent episodes of ”Het geluid van Amsterdam”:

The drawing of Ramses Shaffy was done in a hurry. The magazine was already at the printer when he died, and the editor called me to ask if I could do a column about him, because no matter what you think of Ramses, he played an important part in the sound of Amsterdam for many decades. Of all the portraits that I did in that week, this definitely is the worst, so it is a bit of a pity that this is the only one that got published.

Here is the most recent episode of my column for “Z”, upgraded to full colour by my brother:

When I made an mp3 of the recording that I describe, I noticed the title: ”HELL have to go”. Ain’t that a nice Chrstmas wish!