Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I had a lot of time and reason to think about what I want to do with the rest of my life. High on my list is making art. And reading, thinking and writing about art. This blog started out as an attempt to create a soundtrack of my life, but it seems there will be less sound in this blog in the future than I expected.
Last week a friend showed me a book with works by Mark Rothko. I had only seen two of his works, as reproductions in the background of a newspaper picture, but they hit home immediately. The images in the newspaper were out of focus and small, but I cut them out anyway. Now I have seen the work of Mark Rothko in a glossy book, and later on the Internet. I still like the two (red squared) paintings that I have seen first best. But my interest in art is very egocentric: I just want to absorb it, I want to understand it, I want to feel it from inside.
It helps to try and imitate art. Not only because it shows what I do and don not understand of it, but also because I know very little of art and especially of the techniques used. I have never touched oil paint and everything I make is A4-sized at biggest. Trying to produce something that resembles a work of Mark Rothko is a pleasant way to get a better understanding both him and myself. Let it be clear that I am aware that there are billions of light years between my work and that of people like Mark Rothko. I am just describing what I am doing, or trying to do.

At this moment I am again re-working newspaper pictures. I already showed you two examples the day before yesterday. Here are two other ones:

These “things” are rather elaborate . At least compared with some of the other re-workings of newspaper pictures that I have been doing. And only very few pictures are useful for this kind of mutilations. So, for now, I have nothing more to share with you. But, of course, there is always a tomorrow!



2010-04-07 10:17:20

If you’re interested in ‘trying to produce something that resembles a work of Mark Rothko’, you should really read the latest ‘Boekenweekgegeschenk’ by Joost Zwagerman, Duel…


2010-04-08 09:36:59

Bedankt voor de tip, Hans. Het boek stond hier, maar als je het niet gezegd had, had ik het niet gelezen. Ik vind het een mooi verhaal! En het sluit wonderwel aan bij de dingen die me op het moment bezig houden.