Ritmic hey

Monday, 19 April 2010

Dirk Koorn gave me a CDr with mp3’s from the Dusty Fingers compilations. I had only heard from this series, but somehow i have overlooked them completely. When i tried to find information about these compilations, i had to skip a dozen of links to Torrents of the complete 15 volumes before i stumbled upon a Wiki-page. So, to call this obscure would be a joke. But still, when the guys who compiled Dusty Fingers began this project, this was unheard of.
I think it is still great stuff today and i wouldn’t mind becoming the owner of some of the original vinyl releases. If anybody happens to know if they are still available, i would love to hear that.

I am trying to clean up my working space again. hat is always a good excuse to listen to some of the records and CDs that have piled up on my desk. I will not bother you with anything that you can easily find yourself, but here is a record that you probably have never heard yet:

It is a Dutch reli-gem by Ritmic Group’70, that i bought today. The song on the A-side is called “Ritmic hey”. Here it is:



2010-04-19 23:21:23

nooit geweten dat zij ook (een) single(s) hadden uitgebracht.