Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I got a box full of cassette tapes from Rob Chrispijn to sort out. He wrote songs for many artists and many songs were never released on LP or CD. Some artists sent him a cassette with a demo or a live recording of such a song, and I am now trying to see what can be retrieved. For example, there are several songs sung by Herman van Veen, that for all kind of reasons never ended up on an LP or CD. But I also like the little surprises that can be found on the tapes.
Some artists recorded more than one song, some even recorded a complete show. Mylene d’Anjou sang in her show Rob’s song ”De opstand der dingen”, which is of course on the tape that I found in the box. But Mylene also did a cover of a song that was originally on the B-side of a Prince 45: ”How come you don’t call me anymore”. This was one of my favourite Prince songs and I wish more people with voices like Mylene d’Anjou did Dutch versions of his songs.
Here is it: