Zone 5300

Monday, 12 April 2010

The latest issue of Zone 5300 featured a CD with 19 songs by 19 bands. I love CD’s that come with a magazine, and in this case I love the CD even more because many of the bands on this CD are also comic artists. I will not name them , because I expect all readers of this blog to have a subscription to Zone 5300.

The biggest surprise on the CD is a recording by Erotic Discount. The name of this band comes from the shop that Milan Hulsing saw everytime when he looked out of the window of his home where he lived before he moved to Cairo, five years ago. Erotic Discount only comes together whenever Milan is in Holland, and when all the band members can find the time. I don’t think that this happens more than once a year. But they record every session, which is basically consisting of improvisations. I have heard some of these sessions and I think that several readers of this blog would be more than pleased to hear them too. Well, as long there is not yet CD available of Erotic Discount, you can hear them on the Zone CD. Or here. in the Angel-remix!