Leslie Flint

Friday, 16 April 2010

I am fascinated by the answers to the question if a part of our being might be able to live on after our body dies. As always, this question implies certain answers, but I don’t know how to formulate the question in a better way. I mean, in the way the question is formulated above, many things are already stated that are far from sure for me. For example, I don’t know if my body will die. It has never happened to me yet; all i know is that the bodies of other people seem to die.
And to use the prase “a part of our being” implies that we consist of parts that can be separated,. This has never been proven as far as I know.
At the moment i think that our life as an individual is an illusion. This illusion ends when we cease our existence as such. Usually this happens when our body stops functioning, but under special circumstances it can also happen while the body is still operative. When this illusion ends, the truth is revealed: we are Life itself. Not a part that inhabits a body for a few years, but ALL there is, was and ever will be.
For me this belief (it unfortunately is a belief, because i cannot prove it) leaves no space for reincarnation or other forms of continuation of our personal existence: our lives are less than a “thought”, when perceived from the perspective of Life itself. I don’t know who said it (i think it was Rumi) but i think it is a beautiful way to say how it really is: “we are thoughts in the mind of God”.
Here is a record that totally goes against everything I belief:

The record actually came with a book, written by IJsbrand Rogge:

On the 45 are four talks by Leslie Flint, who is said to be a medium for deceased individuals, meaing that these individuals can communicate through him from the afterlife, whatever that is. Here is Leslie Flint giving a voice to Mr. Biggs:

…to Rabindranath Tagore:

…to Mahatma Gandhi:

…and to Ellen Terry:

I wish i had something more to say about all this, but apart from the beliefs that i have already expressed, i don’t knowing a flying fuck about this mystery.