pArt 21

Friday, 30 April 2010

Here are some recent newspaper pictures that i somewhat mutilated:

I tried to combine this effect with Shad, but when i showed the result to my love, she said it doesn’t work, so i will not continue this:

Actually, at the moment i enjoy making collages most of all:

No matter how much i enjoy doing this, it feels as if it should lead to something. I mean, right now i am making all this stuff and, apart from showing some of it in this blog, nothing is done with it.
Last week I had a thoughtball about how to turn all this stuff into a book. It should be a diary of a guy who makes this stuff and slowly grows insane. I want to wait a while before i start writing it, because it would mean that i will have little time for anything else for a few months and i don’t know if trying to write such a book is really a good idea.
To be continued!



2010-05-04 15:23:26

Heee Frits

Ik wil je toch echt even zeggen dat ik het erg mooi werk vind. Echt iets voor een mooi boek. Gefeliciteerd. Jij komt er wel whereever that may be! Groetjes uit ‘t zuiden!