Sunday, 11 April 2010

While listening to Dusty Fingers compilation that I got from Dirk Koorn a few days ago, I heard a fragment that reminded me of Michael Jackson’s ”Thriller”. I do not have a great memory for music, but even to me it happens pretty often that I hear elements of songs in other songs. In most cases I think the musicians were not aware of doing this, it is by pure coincidence that they stumbled upon a similar melody, break, riff or rhythm. If I had a better musical memory and more knowledge of software, I could re-construct ”Thriller” from bits and pieces from other songs. That would be a great project. Maybe ”Thriller” is not the best song to re-construct, but you get the idea. Maybe it is already done by somebody?
Meanwhile I am still re-working newspaper pictures:

Because we get only one newspaper each day and not all the pictures are useful, I ran out of material. But then I saw some issues of LUI, that I was given a while ago. Here are two of the nude pictures re-worked:

I always hesitate to work with erotic material because it feels a bit too easy. I mean, everybody likes to watch naked bodies anyway. It is far more interesting to re-work a picture of burned car or a building.



2010-04-14 00:02:58

The upper ones are stunning.