Monday, 5 April 2010

Among the many things that I discovered in the archives of Rob Chrispijn was this LP by a band called ”Tuig”:

Rob wrote the texts for this LP, but he was pretty reluctant to talk about it, so I didn’t ask much questions. The other motor behind Tuig was Chris Pilgram, who wrote the music and did most of the singing.
I had never seen this LP, not had I ever heard of this band. At least two songs of this LP will be on the fourth ”Magies Sentrum” compilation.
Rob also gave me a 45 that Tuig has recorded:

It are not a real interesting songs, but still a pretty nice find.
Rob is more interested in birds and mushrooms (he wrote a beautiful book about mushrooms that grow in Amsterdam; I will come back to that later!) than in his own songs, and he doesn’t care at all for the recordings. I don’t want to think of all the things that he has thrown away. Not only his songs and the (demo)recordings of these songs, but also all the photo’s that he made. He has been a professional photographer since the late sixties and he worked on several intersting projects. For example, he made 250 photographs of the Jordaan in 1969, when there were serious plans to tear large parts of that part of the city down. When I said that these photos would make a great book, he burst out in laughing. He had only a hand full of photo’s left, the rest was no longer in his possession. More about this later too!) Here is a photo that I found in one of his boxes, that function as somewhat between an archive and a garbage can. It is photo of an happening in Amsterdam in the late sixties:

Here is another photo from the same place and same period:

And here is Tuig with ”Sexheks”: