Herman Brood

Sunday, 4 April 2010

My father is dying. His health had been declining rapidly recently, so when I was called by the doctor last Tuesday , I was not totally surprised. I went to visit him right away, but to my surprise he was awake and although weak, he did not seem like he was about to die right away. That was last Monday, and he is still alive. Because he stays in Nijkerk, which is two hours away from my home, it takes a lot of time to visit him and to arrange things. This is the first day since Tuesday that I sit behind the computer.
I don’t like to write about family, but because this is the first time in a long time that there was a gap in this blog, and also because I expect there will be more in the near future, I want to share this with you.
Here are three things that I made in the hospital and in the train:

I stayed a few days at the place of friends, Annet and Rob, who live not far from the hospital where my dad is. Rob is a songwriter, who had a beautiful homage last Monday in De Meerpaal, in Amsterdam. Many of the artists for who Rob has written song texts, performed that evening, Herman van Veen, of course, but also Angela Groothuizen, who was one of the highlights of the evening, and Alex Luka.
Long time ago Rob had written a song for Herman Brood. He had told me that a few years ago, when I helped him organising the chaos in his office. He said that there once was a cassette tape with a demo version of the song, but that he had no idea where that that tape could be. While I stayed there this time, we discovered a box with tapes, including two cassettes with Herman Broods handwriting.

But on one tape was only an instrumental version of the song played by Herman at the piano, and on the other tape was a version with his full band, but also without lyrics. That is not what I want you to hear, but for now it is all there is. Here is the solo version:




2011-03-13 22:14:57

Da’s niet Brood z’n handschrift hoor…


2011-03-13 22:16:36

en helaas doet de muziek het ook niet… ben zeer benieuwd nl., als ouwe Broodfan


2011-03-14 13:16:47

Hallo Floris, de muziek doet het weer. En het is volgens mij echt wel Broods handschrift!