Thursday, 19 March 2009

Aloys Oosterwijk has moved last week, and one of the things that don’t work yet in the new home is the computer. But he had to make a scan of a drawing that he made today, and mail it to the newspaper, so he came by tonight to do it from my computer. He just left, but he left have his drawing on my hard disc:

This evening looks to be a quiet evening, with nothing to do. That has been rare in the past few weeks. My desk is a mess, and I need more than one evening to clear it. Here are some of the things that sneaked into my place recently:

Carlos Gimenez originally made this as six separate books, but Fluide Glacial has now published the complete story as one book. It are 300 pages, and I lettered 200 of them last year. The book didn’t fit under my scanner, but here is one page as best as I could scan it:

The editor saw one of the books that I have lettered for Casterman, and they told him that I was still alive. It is not the first time people think that I am retired or dead. Last week I read somewhere on a comic site that I had stopped lettering many years ago. Such information helps a lot when you are trying to get more lettering jobs.
When I opened my mailbox I saw that Aris de Vries had send me a mail with a link. Aris has made wallpaper out of the little designs that I showed a few days ago.

To see this makes me very happy! This was exactly what I had in mind when I draw these things. But I didn’t even have a computer back then. I now understand how I should have made the designs if you really want to make a seamless wallpaper. Of course, I will only do that if there is serious interest. I have a few hundred 5×5 cm sized examples for sale!
Here is today’s soundtrack, especially for Aris. It is a song from a 45 by The Polecats that was not on their LP:




2009-03-19 14:44:31

Hoi Frits,

The Polecats was inderdaad leuk maar de verzamelde werken van Carlos Gimenez maken mij euforisch. Ik wist niet dat hij 6 boeken had gemaakt, ik ken er maar 2 van hem. Boeken van eenzame hoogte en nu blijken er nog eens 4 extra te zijn die ik nooit gelezen heb + het feit dat jij ze geletterd hebt, hoera!