Het perfecte kado

Saturday, 7 March 2009

One of the first projects that I did with Jack, was a little box with a set of four postcards, called “The perfect gift”. I made a dummy version:

The four cards were fold out cards, that you could separate. On one side was a text, the other half was a postcard, or actually a wish card. The idea is simple but difficult to describe. People could buy the box as a gift for somebody else. The texts and the cards are about the art and nonsense of giving presents to each other. I thought it was a pretty brilliant idea, and asked Jack to make the drawings and the design of the whole thing. Which he did:
The box:

The inlay with a little explanation:

And the four cards with texts. I made these montages with my scan software as good as I could, but in reality the texts are on the inside of the fold out card, and because two cards are horizontal, I couldn’t reproduce them on their original format.

This was in the hay days of the postcard business, in the mid eighties, and I thought ”Het perfecte kado” would easily raise some interest from publishers. But we never found any publisher at all, and the whole project became a running gag whenever I talked Jack into doing another project. I don’t think that any of the things we did together ever got further then the dummy stage.
I made for Jack some compilations of songs with “Jack” in the title. That was fairly easy because there are a lot. Far more than songs with ”Frits” in the title.
Here is one, ”Jack’s intro”, by Jack O & The Tearjerkers: