Monday, 2 March 2009

While looking for another record I found this LP:

In stead of explaining what this LP is about, I show you the texts on the back cover:

The songs on this LP are all hits. But I had to make a choice, so I choose Mira with De buurt.

Okay, before you start asking, here is Zeven kinderen by De Stuarts.


There are many small pictures of the artists on the inner sleeve, but I don’t know who is who. I guess that the Stuarts are these guys:

My fascination for music made by Hagenezen was started by Paul Groenendijk & Jimmy Tigges, who made a cassette tape with only Dutch songs sung by Hagenezen.

Later this duo was semi-responsible for at least two CD’s with songs from The Hague, but many of the best songs were not on these CD’s for copyright reasons. I have no idea why there are no songs from the Schilderswijk LP on the CD’s; It cannot be that these songs were not good enough?!?



2009-03-02 13:33:43

O, O, Den Haag!