Saturday, 21 March 2009

Dolf Hell has found the record which he believed that I had. It was somewhere in his own collection. It is a rather rare adverisement record made in 1955 by Proost & Brand as the 193th issue of their magazine, Proost Prikkels.

It is a paper 78rpm record with cabaret, written by Alexander Pola. The woman’s voice is that of Katja Berndsen and the other man is Jan de Cler. Here is side A:

Because the record is meant to be used as an illustration in the book that Dolf and I have written, we needed a new copy quickly. Both Dolf and I bought one. So now we have three copies.
Dolf felt not good about the fact that he thought that I had made the record disappear. So he gave me this record:

This is the first Dutch advertisement picture disc! More about that later.



2009-03-21 03:03:40

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