Wednesday, 11 March 2009

In June 2005 I began drawing a series of elephants, based ion a small collection of elephant-logo’s that I had collected over the years. I liked only two or three of these logo’s, and thought I could do it better.

I just made these drawings for fun, but I soon discovered I really loved doing it. And before I knew it I had made about 250 of such elephants.

I didn’t know what to think of it. I serious considered the possibility that this was a symptom of mental illness. But because I loved doing this so much, and also because I could not see any harm in this for anybody, I decided that it was not a symptom of mental illness. Or if it was, it was not something that did any damage. But I learned once again that the whole distinction between madness and sanity is a matter of cultural definition.
People like Jack, who jump in front of a train to make an end to their life, have tried to live an imitation of what our culture defines as ”normal”. But, as Terence McKenna said, ”culture is not your friend”. To be normal is to be yourself, with holding back out of fear. I have no idea what Jack was so afraid of. Or I do have some ideas, but I am not really interested in what Jack was afraid of. I want to live free of fears myself. If there is anything to learn from the sad end to Jack’s life, it is probably that.
Here is an excerpt from a Disney movie that is about all these matters. There is no need to point out the esoteric meaning of the Disney movies, because they are not even hidden. I love the Dumbo story for many reasons, but most of all because it shows so beautiful that we all have magic powers in the places where they are least expected.




2009-03-11 14:00:55

Ik sta wederom met grote ogen te kijken wat jij gewoon eventje uit je mouw schijnt te schudden…


2009-03-12 08:28:33

Behoorlijk trippy, om er langs te scrollen! De yin&yan is wederom erg mooi.


2009-03-12 15:12:14

Het wordt nu echt tijd voor iets als Frits’ Boekje!
Wat voor moois heb je nog meer verstopt?