Dutch Glamrock part 2

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Apart from the obvious Dutch Glamrock bands, that I expect to be on the forthcoming compilation (like Lemming, Catapult, Left Side and Bonnie St Claire) , I didn’t find much interesting 45’s in my collection so far. And most Dutch attempts to sound like Gary Glitter, The Sweet and other Glamrock bands, were made by or with Peter Koelewijn!
Here is one 45 that I would classify as a Dutch claim to fame in this sector:

Most of the good Teenybop bands were from the UK. And man, did they made some great glitterpop in the seventies over there. I remember how I loved that sound when I was 13, and I still do. I will search for some examples that you might not have heard tonight, if I can find the time and the energy.
Here is my favourite Dutch glamrock record, which I only have without a sleeve. It is by Patricia Paay:




2009-03-24 09:12:51

Good grief. I’d never heard that Patricia Paay record. That’s a great one.