Pop Shopping

Friday, 13 March 2009

There has been some advertisement record compilations made in other countries. In Germany there is a series called Pop Shopping. There are at least two sets of double LP’s and I have also seen CD’s of this material. The musical quality of the records was the main criterion for selecting on the Pop Shopping LP’s. That makes these compilations worth listening to more than once.

There is not much background information on the recordings given. I don’t mind that, but for the Dutch compilation that I am working on, my partners Dolf Hell and Pim Reinders insisted on doing a lot of research. The result is a different book than I had in mind when I started, but I think it is better this way. It is not very likely that there will be another chance to publish a project like this, so you better do it as thorough as possible.
And I can make as much of my own compilations as I want, of course. I never tried to make a Dutch compilation that sounds like Pop Shopping, but I am sure that there is enough material to do that.
Here is a Dutch advertisement record that surely would be on ”Reclame Pop”.

It is 45 made for Grolsch beer, by Clous van Mechelen.



red bol

2009-03-13 15:57:17

somehow the popshopping sleeve seems to combine a few major showcase themes ;-)

Karel Willemsen

2009-10-14 14:17:05

wilt u mij berichten of ‘Reclame Pop’ al is uitgegeven en zonee, wanneer dit te verwachten is ?
groet, Karel Willemsen