Dutch Glamrock

Monday, 23 March 2009

In the same flyer for the mega Record & CD Fair in which ”De Muzikale Verleiding” is being mentioned, there is promotion for another project: a CD compilation of Dutch Glam Rock songs:

I probably have many of the records that will be on this CD, because this kind of music is one of my main interests. But I can’t wait to have this CD. Although the cover is a real bummer, if it will be what is shown in the flyer.

I will go trough my collection one of these days to see if I have any special Dutch Glamrock records. I never made a distintion between Dutch and other Glamrock. I never thought of making a Dutch Glamrock compilation! The B-side of the advertisment record by The Heavy Dwarfs, that I mentioned yesterday, will probably be on the CD too. It is the only record by The Heavy Dwarfs that i have ever seen. It sure is hardcore “Polderglamrock!