Labyrinths part 2

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Two days ago I mentioned the Labyrinth drawings, but I couldn’t find them. Today I did, so here they are:

There are many theories about labyrinths and mazes. I think that they represent a model of the mind. We have thought our self into the situation that we are in at this very moment. It are our thoughts that have broughts us where we are here and now. To get out of a current situation, one needs to find his way back through one’s own mind.
When you try to find your way out of a labyrinth, you have to think exactly as the maker of the labyrinth did. If you do it good enough, your mind and the mind of the creator become one and the same.
In most labyrinths, there is a watch tower in the centre, where you can overview the labyrinth. This is also very symbolic. There are situations in our life where we get this overview too. And we literally call these ”highs”. From such a viewpoint the way seems crystal clear and easy. But when we are ”down” again, we cannot remember the overview in details, and we are lost again. To remember the overview at bad times is one of the aspects that esoteric work is all about.
I don’t talk much about this ”esoteric work”. I used to do that, but I gave it up a few years ago. I realised that I better first learn to practise things before I preach them.
I am not a fan of the music of David Bowie, but I couldn’t resists picking this video for today’s soundtrack:



2009-03-10 16:36:49

Geen fan van Bowie, eindelijk een punt waarop wij dan toch duidelijk verschillen, maar je pikt dan ook het ergste uit wat íe ooit gemaakt heeft ;-)


2009-03-10 16:55:55

Het gaat om de video, Jan. Over Bowie gaan we het nog een keer hebben!


2009-03-11 02:01:08

Ojee ;-)

Rudy Talbo

2009-03-11 03:48:05

Frits, Je ‘Labyrinth drawings’ zijn Ongelooflijk Brilliant!!!!