De Muzikale Verleiding

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The weekend of the18th and 19th of April there is the annual Mega Record&CD Fair in Utrecht. I never go to record fairs, but this year I will, because I have to promote the book on Dutch advertisement records. It will not be published until November, but there is a little exhibition and people can reserve a copy of the book. Dolf Hell and I are not jumping for joy to sit there two days to promote a book that is not there yet, but hey, if you say “A”“ you have to say the whole alphabet.
Here is the text that Pim reinders and Dolf have written for the flyer of the record fair:

By the way, the title of the book is ”De muzikale verleiding”. We used ”Shoebidoewhaa” as a working title so long that we almost forgot that this was not a good name for this project. Luckily Dolf came up with this new title right in time, and I am very happy with it.
The design of the book will be done Ron van Roon. He had to make a cover overnight, so that it could be used in the flyers that bookstores get from the publishers every few months; the books have to be announced half a year in advance.
I was a bit worried about the sudden speed with which things like the cover had to be created, but I think that Ron van Roon did a great job. In fact, when I saw his design I got some of my enthousiasm for this project back, which I had lost along the lost way of getting it done.

Here is an advertisement record that will not be on the CD’s that will accompany the book:

It is a 45 made for banks, and on it are two songs by The Heavy Dwarfs. Here is ”Joanna”:




2009-03-23 15:09:18

Hey, that looks great! Very appealing. Perhaps I can make it to the expo.

Rudy Talbo

2009-03-24 04:52:32

Ik schrijf me in voor een Exemplaar!!!!



2009-03-24 07:25:13

Ha leuk, kunnen we eindelijk eens handjes schudden!

Niels J. Masselink

2009-03-26 05:35:56

om alvast op te warmen voor de platenbeurs te Utrecht, hier een aardig verhaal van Johan Kugelberg (althans als de link werk?)

Ook ik kom langs om een exemplaar te reserveren.