Saturday, 14 March 2009

When our children were younger we used to sit at the kitchen table almost everyday to making drawings, paintings and other works of art. I have been drawing all my life, but in these years of drawing with our children I rediscovered what made me start drawing. Somewhere in the course of my life I had lost my original joy in drawing, and I had began to try and draw what others could much better. That made me loose my pleasure in drawing, and for some years I hardly draw at all.
After I rediscovered the fun of drawing, I have had many periods in which I produced large quantities of artwork that was based on one theme or idea. One of the biggest art attacks was about making little examples of patterns. I made hundreds of these little designs. I just found the box with all the little booklets in which I have kept them. Some are totally stupid, but some are better than I remembered. Here is a random selection:

One thing I remember thinking while I made these little drawings, was ”I wish I could do this the rest of my life!”.



2009-03-14 02:11:05

wow, these are beautifull