Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Today i came home from the dentist with five sampler LP’s from 1987:

The LP’s were released on the Ramshorn label. As a lover of seventies disco the music released by Ramshorn is not really my style. It is mainly the missing link between disco and house, with synthetic drums, lots of electronic instruments and often rather poor songs. I think that this genre is usely called high energy disco, but to me it doesn’t sound as disco at all. There are some cool songs in the Ramshorn catalogue though, and some were on these LP’s, and since they were very cheap, i bought them.
But when i came home and listened to these five compilations i was dissappointed. That beat! No matter what it is called, dance, high energy disco or pre-techno, it sucks. It has no soul and it is dance material for robots. Of course, some songs are great, like the three hits by First Choice on Volume 6, but in this context they loose some of their magic.
Here are the songs on the five volumes:

Of course i wanted to share one less known gems with you, but i couldn’t think of any song that i liked enough. But you can have the LP’s if you are willing to pay the postage.