André van Duin

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

On the record Fair in Utrecht I met Roy Boessen, who has a large collection of Andre van Duin stuff. I am still looking for a ”minifoon” that Andre van Duin made as a promotion for one of his LP’s. I have never seen or heard this record, but I know that it exists. Roy said he has one, so I asked him for some photo’s and a recording.
In exchange I gave him a cassette that he didn’t have: a promo tape for a radio show that Andre made for Radio Benidorm.

My main interest is advertisement records. I never even listened to this tape, excerpt while recording it for this occasion.
While searching for this tape, I also found another advertisement cassette that Andre van Duin made:

This is a tape for Primafoon, with messages that people could use on their answering machine. I like this tape a whole lot better than the Radio Benidorm promo.