Jack's tapes (part 3)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Among the boxes with tapes from Jack Keuss are about 70 tapes that I gave to Jack. Jack and I exchanged a lot of music!

Unless somebody wants to have them (and lets me know within three days after today), I will throw these tapes away too. I simply don’t have the space to keep them, let alone the time to listen to them.
While going through all the cassettes and listening to parts of them, I am remembered of many half forgotten aspects of the art of recording cassette tapes. I still don’t get it why, while so many people enjoyed making compilation cassettes, there are relatively few people doing the same with CD’s. It seems to me that CDr’s are a far better medium for sharing audio collections.
Jack recorded many things from radio. But he was mainly interested in recordings of records. But almost every record ever broadcasted on Dutch radio is now available on CD, so I am throwing all these tapes away. I only keep the ones with recordings that are not available on CD. Like this fragment of what sounds as a seventies Amsterdam pirate radio broadcast. All Jack had written on the cassette was “Dronken Ed”.
I listened a lot to radio shows like this back then, but it never occurred to me that I should record it. It was so completely uninteresting! Ha! I would now love to have a CD-box with recordings like this: