Studio Laren

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ernest Utermark send me a large package with records and other goodies. Among the records were two 45’s that I have never seen before, made by Studio Laren in 1974:

On the list of people who worked on this record are Donald de Marcas and Hans Wesseling.
There is a stencil in the sleeve on which this project is explained:

The second 45 contains renditions of chansons written by a peot who lived 500 years ago, Guillermus Dufay. It is not the kind of music that I listen to 24 hours a day, but I like the idea behind these recordings: to make this old and forgotten music come alive again.

Here is how it sounds:




2009-05-05 09:39:34

Het eerste singletje heb ik ook. Het tweede niet, maar laat de link het nou niet doen …