More sleeves

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Here is a video that my brother made me see:

I think it is brilliant. Both the idea and the way it is made. Sometimes people tell me that my work is not finished: it could be done better. That is true. But there is something very special in the first, highly inspired but imperfect sketches, and this gets easily lost (if not always) when you work the initial idea out. With hard work you sometimes get something else, which also has quality, but a totally different kind of quality than what interests me. That is what I like about this video: a guy made it all by himself, with little or no means, and it really shows something. It is a comment on a 100 million dollar movie and it rocks more than that movie. Of course, we could discuss for the rest of our lives about what is NOT good about this DIY animation, but I don’t care. I rather see one such punk video than ten Hollywood movies.