Saturday, 2 May 2009

My fascination for “dimensions”, in lack of a better word, was for a long time leading me nowhere. I had read a few comic stories about time travel and dimension shifts, but I searched for more and better information and ideas on the subject. Then, somewhere in the early eighties, I discovered the book ”Tertium organum” by P.D. Ouspensky and a new world opened up for me. Of course, I also read all his other books, and then got deep into Fourth Way ideas for a long time. Ouspensky’s explanations and descriptions ”Self remembering” changed my life. But it were Ouspensky’s ideas and insights in dimensions that fascinated me first. I have not much original things to say on this subject; if you are interested, you better read the books.
Here is a portrait that I made of Ouspensky yesterday:

In the boxes with cassettes that I got from Jack Keuss, I found about 20 tapes with a few hundred episodes of the radio-zine ”Vrije Geluiden”. It was the shortest weekly radio show of Holland, as creator Piet Schreuders called it. After a few years he gave the show to me, and I made it for another 17 years, under various names. I don’t have all the episodes; and of the shows that Piet Schreuders made I only have bad quality recordings. It will be a lot of work making mp3’s of all this material, but the possibility that some of the missing recordings might be on Jack’s tapes is an extra stimulus to sort this all out. But right now I simply don’t have the time.
Here is one of the episodes that was missing in my collection. It is one of a series of three shows in which Piet described soundtracks of his favourite movies. There is no date on the tape. The voice is that of Albert Ballintijn, of course!

And here is a video that is about dimensions. It is just one that I discovered recently, and there are many many other videos, articles and drawings on the subject popping up all over the Net. But I like this little discovery:


Philippe Grabowski

2015-01-16 19:51:26

Hi, great Ouspensky portrait! Been looking for photos of him on the web for a painting as well (different style) but all are tiny. Any idea where else to look for bigger, higher-resolution photos? Books, editors, other sites? Thanks ! Philippe Grabowski


2015-01-16 20:57:11

Philippe, which books do you have? Maybe i have other books. But i haven’t seen many pictures of PDO either.

Philippe Grabowski

2015-01-17 12:24:40

Hi Frits, the classics, Tertium Organum, New Model, In Search Of.., 4th Way, but none of them have photos. Maybe I can post on some of the Gurdjieff sites for links, or work from the small internet pictures I found. Thanks !


2015-01-17 17:25:14

Just took a look in his biographies, but no pictures! Ifi find one, i will send it to you.

Philippe Grabowski

2015-01-17 20:17:25

OK, thanks a lot!!